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Sanctuary Lines - Yard Arms: A Step Into Pop’s Euphoria

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Written By Will Harding

Listen to 'Sanctuary Lines' by Yard Arms here.


Just over a month has passed since Yard Arms released their most recent EP Sanctuary Lines. As the title suggests, this is an EP that you can close your eyes to and let your brain go on a wild ride of emotions and ecstasy. I caught myself nodding along, losing myself in the catchy lead lines and melancholy vocals.

The energy that Yard Arms capture has you wanting to dance around a campfire in the middle of summer. The track that best shows this energy is These Four Walls. The introduction to this song is stripped back with just the vocals and guitar, leading into bass and snare hits before bringing in the rest of the ensemble into the mix. What Yard Arms seem to do really, really well is keeping the song writing simple (this is not a bad thing, it’s hard to find music that is easy to listen to in this day and age).

To round the EP off, is the track Fables. Once you’ve read this review, open up whatever streaming site you use, put your headphones in, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a beach. This is the song that I will remember this band by. It’s a calm, melody filled experience with the outstanding build up, to one final push to the end. The dynamics leading up to the last 50 or so seconds of the song gave me goosebumps: I had to replay the song again just to experience it one more time.

Fables by Yard Arms

Throughout my many repeats of ‘Sanctuary Lines’, I found myself wanting more, looping the entire EP over and over again. I’ve not felt such emotion in music, like this, in a long time. The way Yard Arms bring everything together, is almost like how an orchestra brings the show to a close: it’s outstanding. I’m excited to see what comes next and how they can improve on almost a flawless EP.

Our rating: 4/5

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