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Pirouette - Y!kes: The New Era of Punk is Here.

Written By Will Harding

Y!KES 2020

Y!KES are a band that have always caught my eyes and ears. With their new single ‘Pirouette’ coming out this Friday (14th August), you’re all in for a wild ride, filled with new grungy punk riffs.

Y!KES have a fantastic persona which is captured, not only through their music, but through their stage performance and music videos. Their look and sound is all very in your face and I love it. With a ‘straight to the point’ intro which is carried through the entire song, they show their many strengths through ‘Pirouette’. The song writing is phenomenal: the vocals complement the music perfectly. ‘You can’t even catch a breath’ as the verse brings the whole song down with staccato guitar and bass: almost making the verse syllabic, making it feel incredibly minimal. This ‘in your face’ chorus and minimal verse is something I really enjoy listening to: due to the fact too much face melting can sometimes be too much.

Overall, ‘Pirouette’ is a fantastic new release for the band and any fan of them will be extremely happy to welcome it to their plethora of bangers. With some incredible song writing and a classic ‘Y!KES’ feel, I’m going to be looping this on Friday: you guys should be too! I am always excited for a new Y!KES single and even though I’ve already listened to the song a few dozen times, I’ll still struggle to sleep Thursday night: I do love New Music Fridays.

Our rating: 4/5

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