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Introducing: Stay For Tomorrow

Written By Tom Carnell.

Stay For Tomorrow - signed with Reaction Management.

Stay For Tomorrow are a fantastic alternative rock band from Fife, Scotland. I was introduced to them when they submitted some music over to me for a separate project. They have a brilliant sound and I urge you all to check them out as soon as you can.

I caught up with them to find out as much about them as possible.

The Flipside: Introduce us to the band.

Stay For Tomorrow: On vocals and rhythm guitar we have Joe MacFarlane, Nic Holson on lead guitar, Sean Priestley on drums and Ollie Cobbett on bass. A four-piece alt rock band from Fife, Scotland and together we are Stay For Tomorrow!

The Flipside: How was Stay For Tomorrow formed?

Stay For Tomorrow: Stay For Tomorrow was formed through Joe meeting Nic at a local pub after playing an acoustic set at a gig. Joe was looking to transform his acoustic material further and to work with Nic to make this happen. A few sessions later, Nic wanted to continue working on these songs and play them live with Joe as a band. Nic brought in his band mate Sean from his other band (The Passing Sages) to add drums on to the tracks who was also interested in joining the band. After creating a set of songs we looked for a bassist and found Ollie who we gelled really well with and we became Stay For Tomorrow.

The Flipside: How would you describe your music for someone that has never listened before?

Stay For Tomorrow: Our songs range from heavy rock to indie and melodic rock, all fitting under the alt rock genre. We like to think our songs have something for everyone! We have been told we sound like Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic and Foo Fighters… Give us a listen and give us your thoughts!

Stay For Tomorrow live. Photo credit: Cameron Sinclair Photography.

The Flipside: Which artists influence you the most?

Joe: It has to be from my favourite artists; Paramore, Twin Atlantic, Placebo, Bring Me The Horizon.

Nic: As a guitar tutor I am constantly learning and teaching songs by a wide range of artists and take inspirations from everything. The list of artists and bands that influence me is huge and if I was to say a few off the top of my head they would be Metallica, Black Stone Cherry, Nile Rodgers and Chic, Queen, Extreme, Toto, Marty Friedman, Santana, Nobuo Uematsu, Jude Gold and everyone he interviews on No Guitar Is Safe.

Ollie: I am mainly influenced by Stereophonics, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro. I also grew up listening to Depeche Mode mainly because that’s all my dad listened to. I feel Martin Gore, the main writer within Depeche Mode, has a unique writing ability where there are many tracks I feel would fit into a wide variety of genres.

Sean: When writing drums for the band, I have drawn influences from artists such as Alter Bridge, Busted, Good Charlotte and Shinedown.

The Flipside: You’ve got three singles out and more coming. Are you happy with the reaction to these so far?

Stay For Tomorrow: Absolutely! We’re looking to put our name out there and the songs have started to build a fan base with people wearing our merch and singing along to our songs at gigs which is crazy! We can’t wait to show everyone the new songs we have been working on, grow our fan base and play bigger venues too!

Rumours - Stay For Tomorrow

The Flipside: Who would be your dream band/artist to tour with?

Joe: Paramore - I’ve been obsessed with them since I was 15 and would owe it to my younger, former emo self!

Nic: Black Stone Cherry - As a teenager when I really started getting into music I discovered Black Stone Cherry thanks to their song “Lonely Train” being on one of the WWE games. This was just when they had released their first album and so what was exciting for me is that I felt like I was following them from the start. Most of the other bands that I listened to were older bands like Metallica so I always felt like I was late to the party in terms of following them. Like us, Black Stone Cherry constantly blend heavy songs with lighter songs and besides their music being great, they are also really nice people. I have met them a few times at gigs over the years and fun fact I almost bought Ben Well’s first Peavey Amp from him when they were touring over here, before he decided he didn’t actually want to part with it because it is so special to him.

As a band they have been a huge part of my life, helping me through university where I played some of their songs for performance exams and in my third year I created a “Learn How To Play Black Stone Cherry” guitar book.

I love the whole ethos around the band and how Black Stone Cherry aren’t just the 4 members but the whole family of people around them. To be able to tour with them and learn from them would be an incredible experience.

Sean: That's a difficult one! I would love to tour with Mark Tremonti in any of his bands, so either Alter Bridge, Creed or his solo band, Tremonti. Stylistically, I think that we would be most suitable supporting Alter Bridge as we both share a diverse range of musical influences in our songwriting and live sound.

Ollie: You Me at Six - mainly because they are one of my favourite bands which I would get to see for free and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of listening to banger after banger by them.

The Flipside: What can we expect from the band in the near future?

Stay For Tomorrow: More songs! Our new songs are bigger and better than ever! We will be making our first music video soon and performing more and more gigs!

The Flipside: Can you talk us through the process of writing and recording your music?

Stay For Tomorrow: We have had a different process for nearly every song! From someone submitting initial ideas to writing out full music scores and building it from there or just jamming together as a band. What’s always important to us is making sure our songs are as polished as they can be!

We recorded our first single ‘Kings and Queens’ in our rehearsal room and mixed/mastered it ourselves and went on to working with Mark Morrow Audio for our later releases.

The Flipside: What’s been your favourite achievement with Stay For Tomorrow so far?

Stay For Tomorrow: Headlining King Tut's Wah Wah Hut was a big achievement for us for sure. It was one of our first gigs and it was a blast! We would love to play there again too!

The Flipside: Assuming that live shows will be able to resume next year, which festivals/venues are you planning to go to and play?

Stay For Tomorrow: It’s a really crazy time for live events and at the moment we are looking to play as many gigs as we can and branch out of Scotland too!

The Flipside: Give us five (or more) artists that you think we and our readers should be checking out.

Stay For Tomorrow: Ninth Degree, The Passing Sages, The Harlans, Take Today, November Lights, Retro Video Club, Vistas.

The Flipside: How do we follow and keep updated with Stay For Tomorrow?

Stay For Tomorrow: We are on all major social media and music streaming platforms! You can search for us on any one of them or get all the links you need at www.StayForTomorrow.com

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