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Introducing: Slackrr

Written by Tom Carnell

Slackrr Promo Shot, 2020

Slackrr are one of the most fun bands I have ever had the pleasure to see live. Not only are all three of them extremely musically talented, they are some of the most hard working musicians on the scene right now. It would've been a crime to not have featured them on The Flipside. I had the chance to catch up with them to show you all what you're missing out on. Before you start reading on, open up whichever music streaming site you use, search for Slackrr and have a listen to them whilst learning more about them.

The Flipside: Introduce us to the band (members and what they play etc.) Slackrr: Hi I'm Scotty I play guitar and sing. Hey I'm Cait I play bass and do backing vocals. Hi I'm Joe I play drums.

The Flipside: When was the band formed and how did it come to be? Scotty: The band started back in very late 2017. I was just jamming with a couple of other dudes with some of the songs we still now play. We released a single (Closest to Perfect) just for fun really and the next thing we knew we were getting booked for shows and then BBC introducing picked the single up and things started to get a bit more serious in terms of more shows and starting to tour. The two guys who started out in the band didn't want to tour or anything like that and I wanted to see where this could go. Cait joined in early 2018 (we've been friends for years from going to see bands etc.) and she'd been coming to the early Slackrr shows, so I asked if she'd be interested in joining. Joe has been with us since Mid 2019.

The Flipside: How would you describe your music for someone that has never listened before?

Cait: We get described broadly as Pop Punk and there are definitely moments of that on our debut album (2019's, Time, It Waits For No One). We do have our roots in Pop Punk, however, we have that old cliche of "so many different influences" which we feel comes through in what we do... I guess the best way we would describe us would be "Melodic Punk". If you want moments of breakneck speed mixed with big riffs, catchy sing-alongs and a lot of fun we might be the band for you.

Scotty, Isle of White Festival 2019

The Flipside: Which artists influence you the most? Scotty: There are loads haha. The Police, Nirvana, Weezer, Alkaline Trio, Motion City Soundtrack, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Comeback Kid, Jimmy Eat World, Pup, Basement, Knuckle Puck, New Found Glory, Reuben, Cant Swim. That's kind of an overall-ish list but our tour van playlist has stuff like ABBA and 80's gold on it. Joe: We all have bands we like in common but also other personal favourites that we all are influenced by which we bring to the band.

Cait: There's also a tonne of bands we've shared the stage with while touring that have been influential in one way or another. Scotty: There are so many great underground bands out there who deserve so much more attention for sure.

The Flipside: As a band who gig constantly all over the country, give us your best tour story.

Cait: When we played the Isle Of Wight Festival last year Scotty was given the number for the people who drive artists around in buggies. Scotty: Oh yeah, but they did say call us if you need us to pick you up from anywhere and that festival site was longgg... I basically wanted to go on the buggies. Joe: You two thought last week was pretty funny (stares at them) Scotty & Cait: HAHA! Scotty: Something funny usually happens on every tour but my current favourite one (that we can tell) happened the other week. We had an outdoor socially distanced show first show back in four months due to the COVID pandemic. We were told stage time was 8pm. I'm backstage getting my guitar on ready to go out and the promoters says " you're on in fifteen." Now, I assume that Cait and Joe had both been told. Ten minutes pass and Joe is missing. The next thing that happens is Joe walks back in backstage, I go to say "Hey dude we're on in five" but before I get a chance he just says " Thanks for letting me know we're on at 8:15... I've just been sat on stage with everyone staring at me for ten minutes!" Me and Cait thought that was pretty funny...I think Joe can laugh now. Joe: ...Yeah (Stares)

Joe, Strings Venue

The Flipside: Who would be your dream band to tour with?

Cait: That's a really tough question & we get it quite a lot. Scotty: I've always thought it was one of those things where it's like... I'd love to play with the biggest bands in the "genre" like Blink 182, Busted, McFly or the Foo Fighters (mostly because Dave Grohl genuinely seems like the nicest guy ever). Just because you know you'd be getting your music out to such a wide audience and maybe some of those people will like what you're doing. The other side of it would be playing with bands you absolutely love and maybe not to such a huge audience you get to see them every night tearing it up! So like any of the bands we listed above also with bands we've met along the way that we now call friends.

The Flipside: Where is your favourite venue to play? Joe: That's a tough one as well there are so many great venues. Scotty: We've had the pleasure of playing so many as we've done 265 shows as a band in two years... I would genuinely say we love The Shed, Leicester and that's not just because you're interviewing us It's a great venue! Cait: Where we've been fortunate enough to play on all kinds of stages from the likes of Major festivals like The Isle Of Wight to basement style shows they all have a different vibe.

Scotty: It's so hard to pick one I've really loved venues like The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, The Waterfront in Norwich, The Fleece, Bristol and Corporation in Sheffield as they're bigger stages and so much fun to play on but at the same time, smaller places have such a vibe to them when everyone is crammed into them (when we were allowed that) that it's more personal.

Slackrr - Reflections, 2020. Listen to more of their tunes right here.

The Flipside: What’s been your nicest experience with a fan?

Cait: I don't think we could single that out as I know we've collectively had amazing experiences with fans as well as individually.

Scotty: I've had ones where fans have missed us in there hometown on a tour because of work etc but then turned up to see us 100 miles away. That always blows my mind. Joe: We're not a band that goes and sits backstage before or after we've played we literally go to warm up a few mins before stage time so we're always out in the venue and able to talk and hang out with anyone who comes to see us. Scotty: I think it's hard to zero in on one single nicest experience because they're all different whether it's someone who wants a picture with us or wants to buy some merch or whatever. They always have these super cool stories about when they first heard of us or they saw us in this town and came again or they found us on the internet and have been wanting to see us live for ages. It's just all super nice and we truly appreciate it.

The Flipside: What’s been your weirdest experience with a fan? Scotty: Hands down for me, Was when that dude had my face from our first EP (I KNOW EP, 2019) tattooed on his leg. It was so cool that he connected so much with that song and the lyrics mean so much to him but was such a shock to see my face in cartoon style tattooed on his leg... Joe: That's pretty fucking cool though. Scotty: Yeah man, it's actually super nice.

The Flipside: Assuming that live shows will be able to resume next year, which festivals/venues are you planning to go to and play?

Joe: Hopefully all the ones we were meant to play this year before the pandemic wiped everything out. Scotty: Yeah! We were meant to be playing The Isle of Wight festival again which we were super stoked for and we were making our debut appearance at Rebellion this year along with some other festivals that we hadn't been able to announce. So fingers crossed we'll get to do those there was a tonne of smaller and medium-sized independent festivals we were looking forward to as well like Pile Up Festival, Nice n' Sleazy, Shynefest, 7fest, and B love festival. To name a few. So hopefully they will be able to go ahead next year. Cait: We've got a couple lined up that we can mention Smash Fest in Cardiff in February, Nice N'Sleazy and Angel Fest in May.

Scotty & Cait, Wedgewood Rooms, 2019.

The Flipside: Give us five (or more) artists that you think we and our readers should be checking out.

Slackrr: In no particular order: Next Year This Party Sucks

Red Winter Redlight Runner Crawlspaces All Ears Avow Sexy Pretty Things Boxcat Pizza Tramp

The Flipside: How do we follow and keep updated with Slackrr? Slackrr: If you type Slackrr into your Google Web Machine we should come up or..

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