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Introducing: Ghost Arcadia

Ghost Arcadia. Photo Credit: Rah Petherbridge.

Ghost Arcadia got in touch with us and after the first listen we knew this band were amazing. Their unique blend of styles makes them truly great and they are definitely ones to watch! We had the chance to chat with Reu (their vocalist) about the band.

The Flipside: Hi! Could you introduce us to the band?

Reu: Hey! We are Ghost Arcadia and we're a 4 piece alternative rock band from London (although if you know of any bass players looking, we'd love to make it a 5). Our line up is: Reu (me) on Lead Vocals, Ant on Rhythm Guitar and Synths, Adam on Lead Guitar and last but not least...Ali on Drums.

The Flipside: How was Ghost Arcadia formed?

Reu: I met Ant during an acting course 9 years ago and after discovering a mutual love of Blink 182, The Killers and Bring Me The Horizon. We decided to start jamming together and see what eclectic mess ensued. We met Ali through a friend and after he moved to London we invited him to come along to a practise. He is such a talent that we knew pretty much right away that we needed him on drums. Adam replied to an advert we put out looking for a lead guitarist; we hit it off right away...and boy can that man shred! Our bass player has sadly had to move to Scotland due to work commitments so we are on the look out!

The Flipside: For people who haven’t listened to you before, how would you describe your music?

Reu: We describe ourselves as a ‘patchwork’ of genres. We write what we feel in the moment and don’t let a definitive genre define us. Our lead single "Glory" is an ‘anthemic’ rock song but "Midnight" and "Seize the Night" have a lot of rapping in them, and then "Forever and A Day" is more of a folk rock head banger.

Photo Credit: Matt Hayden

The Flipside: You most recent EP “Libero” featuring lead single “Glory” was released this year. Talk us through your writing process regarding the tracks on the EP. Has it changed much from your earlier releases?

Reu: This was the first time that myself and Ant had access to a full band. Whereas before we would be writing and playing all the instruments ourselves, this time we wanted Ali and Adam to help write their own parts. Try to make it a much more collaborative effort. Our producer (Billy Stewart) plays bass so he laid down all the bass for us (legend!). I tried to write each of the songs on the EP to follow a specific mood and allow the listener to feel as if they’d be on a journey. I really loved writing the lyrics for "Libero"; it was quite a cathartic experience and covered a lot of topics close to my heart.

The Flipside: What’s been your favourite memory with the band so far?

Reu: Getting our own Ghost Arcadia branded cake after our EP launch! There was like 120 people there, we’d smashed the gig, there was a lot of love going around, and then, out of nowhere, this huge black ‘gothy’ cake came out with our logo on it. It was honestly so awesome, don’t think we’ll ever forget that massive sparkler candle on top either!

Glory - Ghost Arcadia

The Flipside: Do you have any more releases planned for this year?

Reu: We’re working on something quite special at the moment although it probably won’t be out till the beginning of next year now, but yeah…watch this space.

The Flipside: Who would be your ideal band to go out on tour with?

Reu: Probably Enter Shikari or Boston Manor. I think we’d suit that vibe pretty well!

The Flipside: Where has been your favourite music venue you’ve played at so far?

Probably Nambucca in Upper Holloway, London. It’s where we had our launch party in Feb and everyone was so nice and accommodating. Would definitely play there again!

The Flipside: Give us five (or more) artists that you think we and our readers should be checking out.


  • Bring Me The Horizon have been releasing some banging tracks over lockdown and I’d really recommend watching their lockdown vlog too.

  • Boston Manor’s latest album was pretty special

  • Loving Dominic Fike at the moment.

  • NF is an insanely good rapper who doesn’t get much attention. Check out his latest album "The Search" for sure!

  • SAINt JHN makes beautiful music too

  • BONUS ONE: Our friends at Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison are phenomenal. Check out their EP "Sign of the Times"…you won’t regret it!

Photo Credit: Cineoteric Films

The Flipside: How do we follow Ghost Arcadia online?


FB: https://www.facebook.com/GhostArcadia/

IG: @ghostarcadiaband

Twitter: @ghostarcadia

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2QRLmf2

Youtube: https://bit.ly/2Z4DF9R

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