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Future Radio Release New Single "Run Baby, Run"

"Run Baby, Run" is the second release from Future Radio’s upcoming debut album, "Freedom". The lyrics explore the concept of running from a relationship that’s stuck in a comfort zone.

"Run Baby, Run" has all the elements one would expect from a dark, up-tempo rock song including, a catchy chorus hook, driving guitars and drums, supported by a groovy bassline. The song is reminiscent of early Foo Fighter songs.


“Metaphorically the song plays with the idea of the escape from Sodom and Gomorrah, a rather do-or-die situation,” says frontman Johnny Future. “I generally don’t like comfort zones and try my best to avoid them,” he continues.

Run Baby, Run - Future Radio

Future Radio’s debut album, “Freedom”, scheduled for release on 13 November 2020, is a concept album that deals with the notion of emancipation from the unexceptional and encourages the passionate pursuit of purpose.  The band plans to release accompanying music videos, or rather episodes, for each track on the album. Each track essentially becomes an episode and each episode forms part of Season 1: Freedom.


"I clearly remember thinking to myself, when conceptualising Future Radio, that it can’t be just another rock band. Since then the idea has evolved quite dramatically,” Johnny explains. Future Radio redesigns storytelling through a mixture of word, music and visuals. “Future Radio is not a band, it’s a concept, it’s a movement, it’s art. We like to call it Future Rock.”

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