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Tripwire - All Ears Avow: Do You Feel Like Dancing?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Written By Will Harding

All Ears Avow, heard of them? Well you should have. After a non-existent summer, AEA have continued to release music with Something’s Gone Wrong and Nobody Like You to keep the hype around them and it’s well deserved too. I’ve been lucky enough to listen to their new track Tripwire before release.

Something you can always expect from a new AEA song is a lead line that will be stuck in your head for a good few days. Not only will you be singing the lead line, but you will be pulling a tasty bass face with some of the best bass writing you probably will have heard to this day. Like the title suggests, with the full ensemble together in the chorus, you’re going to move: I call it the All Ears Groove, something that all of their songs have. With beautifully written lead lines and bass lines, it's all topped off with vocal harmonies and synths that fill your ears with anticipation.

Something's Gone Wrong - All Ears Avow

The first time I got to see All Ears Avow live was back at the beginning of the year and it was as fantastic as you could imagine. With Tripwire out soon, you should prepare yourself for a big summer bop. I’m extremely excited to see what AEA have got in store for us all after the launch of their latest single. Dig out them old dancing shoes, you’re going to need them on August 14th.

Our rating: 5/5

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